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    Paul Lowe hat über seinen e-mail-Verteiler gerade eine Forest-Meditation geschickt:


    Here's an intriguing suggestion.

    Take a some time to clear up any outstanding little jobs, then plan a
    trip to the country - preferably to a deep forest away from any people,
    cars or houses.
    Quiet and secluded.
    Best to go on your own - unless you are very comfortable with an intimate

    Find a spot - somewhere that draws you, then sit and make yourself
    Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and let yourself deeply relax
    and be as
    as empty as you now how. (The mind may continue chattering - just

    Gently open your eyes.
    After a while, in this stillness, you may feel a subtle change taking
    It is as though the very air has changed its substance and got slightly
    tingly -
    and so have you!

    With this change it could be that you find yourself more closely connected
    the forest. You may find yourself seeing the forest in a way that you have
    done so before - an appreciation - almost an awe.
    It is as though the forest is alive in a way you have not realised before.

    Then, maybe, another subtle change - you are actually feeling love for the
    Yes - love.

    The next subtle change maybe that you are now imagining that the forest is
    seeing, including and embracing you.

    Next, you may feel a warm feeling of acceptance - and love - from the

    After a while, yet another change - you and the forest are integrating,
    melting into each other - and the feeling of love expands - to include
    both the
    forrest, and yourself.

    No longer two - one.

    Welcome home!

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    Paul Lowe hat schon mehrmals das Buch "Gespräche mit Gott" gelobt und empfohlen.
    Heute schreibt er:

    A friend was just listening to the talking book by Neale Donald

    They did not enjoy the way it was presented, so bought the book.
    It is very good. Very.
    In a slightly different way, says much the same as we have been sharing
    over the years.

    Happy reading


    Ich weiß jetzt nicht genau was er mit dem Begriff "talking book" gemeint hat.
    Habe beim googeln nichts gefunden. Schätze da ist dieses Hörbuch hier gemeint:
    Der Sprecher ist wirklich furchtbar, ich könnte da keine 5 Minuten zuhören.
    (Im Wörterbuch steht unter "talking book" - Hörbuch.)


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      Schönes Wort zum Sonntag von Paul Lowe.

      Evolution of Consciousness

      Du löst dich los von der alten Art die Dinge zu sehen und kommst in eine Bereich von not knowing und erlaubst dir dort zu fließen.

      Not knowing is the most intimate.

      Er vergleicht das Leben mit dem Meer. Oben an der Oberfläche kann es zu bestimmten Zeiten sehr stürmisch, sehr rau zugehen, aber tief, tief unten ist absolute Stille.

      - (17.00 ) An der Oberflache kann sich weiter viel bewegen, diese kleinen Sachen die unangenehm sind wie die Dinge die mit der Gesundheit zu tun haben, oder Beziehungssachen oder finanzielle Dinge. Die können alle an der Oberfläche ihre Wellen schlagen, aber Du lebst dort nicht mehr.
      Du kümmerst dich aber um die Sachen, aber jetzt in einer anderen Weise, nicht mehr zusammengezogen und besorgt sondern in einer ausgedehnteren Weise: „Ja ich muss jetzt diesen Anruf machen, ich muss das jetzt beheben“, aber der neue Weg ist dass du nicht mehr besorgt bist, nicht mehr zusammengezogen mit all diesen kleinen Dingen, weil du jetzt in dieser Tiefe lebst.


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        Paul Lowe hat heute was interessantes geschrieben:


        You ask me what I think of the present Ebola situation. I do have some

        When we had the villa in Italy, during our collective meditations we all
        seem to
        have had similar collective experiences - one of which was, we seem to
        have had *visitations.*

        One of the experiences was feeling the presence of what we interpreted as
        (Once, out of the 66 people looking up over the villa 30 said they saw a

        One of the messages was that, around this present time there would be
        considerable increasing chaos on the planet - which would be part of a
        transformation process to a higher consciousness for about one third of
        the population. This third would feel as though they have been transported
        to another and much more beautiful planet - where we
        would all be living as one loving family. (The way I see it, whether we
        realise it or not, we are one family - it is just that the universal
        loving element has not yet revealed to most.

        The other two thirds would experience a disturbing change - which would
        help them to realise their restricted state of consciousness more clearly.
        Mainly, the revelation would
        be all that has been suppressed being manifest on the outside. Seems to be
        They would also feel as though they were on another, not so pleasant

        (No time, no space - all is one - here now.)

        One of the things mentioned was a closing of boarders - even to returning
        Could be. We were advised to establish a self-sustaining property in
        (Being an island, and big, Australia could close its boarders more easily;
        it can be self- sustaining; and isolation would be more possible. Also,
        although it certainly does have
        some, what could be termed National Karma, is comparatively less.)
        (Thank you Aboriginal People.)

        I want to make this very clear - I do not *know* any of this. Although it
        has been told to
        me in many forms, from many psychics and Elders (original Americans,
        Aboriginal people,
        and what did seem to be an ET walk-in) I do not know any of this as a
        fact. I just live
        in each moment, just as it appears to be, while at the same time being
        open to the
        possibility that there is much, much more - to everything, on every what
        we call levels.

        Over to you for assessment!

        Sending you our collective love


        One of the things mentioned was a closing of boarders - even to returning
        Could be. We were advised to establish a self-sustaining property in
        Oh, man!, in Deutschland kann man nicht einfach die Grenzen schließen. Wird wohl Zeit dass ich mich hier absetze.


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          Paul Lowe hat eine Antwort auf sein Ebola-Posting erhalten, von einer Krankenschwester aus England.

          "Dearest Paul,
          Thank you for your messages.
          Each and every one is a gift for me.
          I have just read your thoughts on Ebola.
          As a nurse (in England) I have been placed on red alert.
          And am watchful of the effect this crisis has on patients.
          Never has there been such a cornucopia of awareness.
          From the 'Don't care if I catch it and pass it on to you',
          To 'it won't happen to me because it's 'over there!'
          I have heard that evolution comes out of apsolute crisis.
          Species will evolve when there is no other option.
          Extinction results from refusal or incapacity to change.
          Are we doomed, or are we one the biggest ride yet to be.
          In the meantime, I am on red alert.
          My love"


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            Paul Lowe hat gerade was geschrieben. Wenn du wissen willst was dein wahrer Seinszustand ist dann probier folgendes:

            If you would like to know what is your true state of being, try this:

            Imagine you have lost everything - everything.
            Partner, children not speaking to you, money, career, health.

            How do you feel. Of course you don¹t feel great, and, is there
            still a deep feeling of fulfilment? Congratulations.

            If you feel devastated it shows that your state of being is dependant
            on outside circumstances, and no matter what you do, you are not
            in complete control of the outside circumstances - therefore you are
            not free. Free.

            For those of you who are wanting to go beyond wanting,
            here is another thing to consider:
            Wanting to go beyond wanting, is wanting.

            In the meantime, enjoy, as much as you can, every single moment.

            Happy enjoying



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              Nochmal ein paar interessante Gedanken zu Ebola:


              There are several reports on the web about Ebola.
              Some are scientific, and some based on conspiracy theories.

              Some conspiracy theories say Ebola has been developed as a bioweapon
              and that is why America has it¹s labourites in Africa - out of the way.
              Some say it was developed to reduce the Earth¹s population.
              And so on.

              Let¹s look at a few things.
              A common description is that, same with all diseases,
              Ebola is *attacking our system.*

              I am suggesting that, Ebola is just doing it¹s thing - same as humans are -
              propagating itself. Plus, it may be part of balancing.

              If we take an objective view of Ebola it is just replicating itself,
              and in the process, destroying its host.

              Are we humans not doing exactly the same?
              Are we not also destroying our host - this planet?
              In what has been termed, overpopulation; destroying our habitat;
              depleting the Earth¹s resources; inappropriate disposal of our waste -
              let alone our continuous fighting each other - on almost all levels.

              And I am not suggesting anything is wrong (the way I see it,
              nothing is ever wrong) as every situation is an opportunity for us to
              experience ourselves more clearly.

              And, does not there seem to be a lesson in all of this for us?

              As usual, not to be taken too seriously.



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                I am not intimating anything that you or anyone is doing is wrong,
                or even not appropriate for them at the moment. It seems each needs
                to be doing whatever they are doing - until it is no longer appropriate.

                It seems we all have to go through whatever we need to experience -
                until we have the realisation for ourselves that what we are still doing
                is no longer appropriate for us.
                We need we see ourselves and our actions more clearly.

                As just an idea, or because we read it somewhere, or someone
                told us, or because we want the results of what we see in someone
                else as living a more conscious way, will not work - we need to have the
                realisation for ourselves.

                (Plus, whatever someone is doing that activates our judgement is a gift -
                it helps us to see that part of ourselves that we have not yet seen
                clearly enough to disconnect from and no longer support.)

                Seems there are no shortcuts - just more or less rapid realisations.
                We all need to experience for ourselves everything we need to.

                And how to expedite that realisation? -
                Be total in whatever we are doing.

                Sending love



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                  Jeder der sich angezogen fühlt das Audio anzuhören hat früher mit anderen zusammen auf einem weit entfernten Planeten gelebt. Man lebte in harmony zusammen in einer großen Community.

                  Dann gab es noch den Planeten Erde. Er war dafür designed schwierig zu sein. Die Leute die irgendwo festgefahren waren haben dadurch ihre Schwierigkeiten besser gesehen.


                  Mir ist schon klar wieso ich auf der Erde gelandet bin, ich war (bin) auch stuck.